Nickie Bryar

Voice Actor



I am a proud first-generation native Californian.  Having been born in Burbank (across from Walt Disney Studios), you can say that I've been around voice over literally since birth.

Growing up, I was addicted to cartoons and commercials: mimicking everything from classic Warner Bros. characters like the Chicken Hawk to memorizing and singing commercial jingles.

When my mom realized that her daughter could quite possibly do this for a living, she signed me up for my first voice over class. I was 14 years old.  And the teacher was this young, unbelievably talented, up-and-coming voice actor named Bob Bergen...

As a working voice actor for over 25 years, my experience and expertise ranges from national and regional TV/Radio campaigns and commercials to animation and ADR (animated and live-action) as well as to toys and video games.



I live in the San Fernando Valley with my husband and 2 kids.  Voice over is all I've ever wanted to do and I hope to be involved within this amazing community for years and years to come!

Well, hello there. 

Welcome to my website!

A little bit about me...

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